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Custom Products

RLC Electronics, Inc. is dedicated to servicing customer needs for non-standard package configurations and circuit modifications to optimize performance in specific frequency ranges. We maintain a dedicated prototype team to provide the most responsive delivery performance in our industry. With over Thirty-five years of engineering and production experience, our proven design capabilities also include:

Waveguide Switches

Waveguide switches are available in custom configurations not covered in this catalog. Variations include control circuits, physical sizes, plating and environmental considerations.

Coaxial Switch DC

Control Interface

RLC has provided many custom DC control configurations using standard MS connector models that are not specified in this catalog. We have also provided unique designs not commonly specified. Please contact the factory for your specific needs.

Waveguide Couplers

RLC offers a standard range of multi-hole broadwall direc- tional couplers covering the frequencies from 2.6 to 40 GHz in standard waveguide sizes. The electrical character- istics of high directivity and coupling flatness are achieved by using a precise machined coupling hole pattern and a precision load with secondary arm.

Integrated Assemblies

Component Integration

RLC Electronics has supplied many integrated assemblies for both military and commercial applications. These devices combine filters, multiplexers, switches (both pin diode and mechanical), couplers, hybrids, power dividers, attenuators, detectors, and cables into a single package. Applications include calibration services, ATE, assembly miniaturization and consolidation. Please provide your specific needs for our review.

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