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Adjustable Delay Line

RLC Electronics’ manually adjustable delay line (phase shifter) offers continuous adjustment of electrical delay over the frequency range of DC-40 GHz. Adjustment is through a multi-turn, locking shaft. Low insertion loss and VSWR are maintained throughout the adjustment range. The unit comes with a choice of male or female 2.92 mm connectors.



Frequency Range

 DC to 40 GHz    

Insertion Loss

 2.5 dB max


 2.0:1 max

Delay Adjustment Range

 56 picoseconds minimum

Phase shift Range

 20 degrees/GHz minimum

Impedance: 50 ohms

Power Rating: 5 watts average

Adjustment: Multi-turn locking shaft. Approximately 5 picoseconds per turn.

Connectors: 2.92mm (male or female)

Temperature Range: -55 to +85 deg C

To designate the PRODUCT desired use:

(1): Connector Sex (PORT 1/PORT 2) 

MM (male/male) FF (female/female) 

      MF (male/female) FM (female/male

Example: PSM40-FF is a DC-40 GHz adjustable delay line with 2.92mm female connectors on port 1 and port 2.

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