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Resistive Pickoff Tee

RLC Electronics' Resistive Pickoff Tee offers excellent through-line insertion loss and pickoff stability from DC to 40 GHz, rise times of <10 Pico-seconds.




DC to 40 GHz

Insertion Loss


Pickoff Resistor

200 Ohms

Pickoff Insertion Loss

15dB    0 to 40 GHz

Return Loss

>20dB DC

>17dB 0 to 15 GHz

>12dB 15 to 40 GHz

Max Input Power

3.5 Watts CW

Operating temperature: -55 toto +85 degree @ @ 3.5 Watts

Environmental: Mil-E-5400, Class 1A

Connectors: 2.92mm female

Outline Drawing

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