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Custom High Power 2 Way Power Dividers/Combiners 50 watts to 200 watts

RLC Electronics' custom high power 2 way dividers/combiners are in phase "Wilkinson" type designs with excellent electrical performance within the band of +/6% of any center frequency between 750 to 2400 MHz. These devices can be used as dividers or combiners with 50 watts C.W. per channel for failsafe applications, where typically one output is for example, the loss of one element in an antenna array. As a divider, it can handle up to 200 watts assuming a load VSWR of 1.2:1 or better.



Model. No.

Center frequency (Fc+/-6%) (MHz)

VSWR (Max)

Insertion Loss (Max.)

Isolation (Min.)

Amplitude Balance

Phase Balance


750 to 2400


.25 dB

20 dB


2 deg


200 watts avg.  (As a divider with output

terminated with a VSWR less than 1.2:1)  

50 watts avg. (Failsafe)

Connectors: "N" female

Impedance: 50 ohms

Environment: MIL-E-5400, Class 1A

1: Specify frequency, 750 to 2400 MHz (electrical performance within +/-6%).

Example: DHP-1000, frequency range of 940-1060 MHz.

Outline Drawing

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