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2 Way Resistive Power Dividers

RLC Electronics' broadband resistive power dividers are small and lightweight with stainless steel `SMA' connectors. They have excellent stability over temperature and output power, symmetry over frequency with a division of 6dB from matched ports. Input and outputs are interchangeable and phase difference is nominally 2.5 Degrees between output ports. These dividers utilize 3 resistors to provide excellent output VSWR at the auxiliary arms over the full frequency range enabling wideband measurements to be made accurately.



Model Number

Frequency Range (GHz)

Insertion Loss Isolation





6.5 dB


.2 dB


7.0 dB


.4 dB


7.3 dB


.5 dB

Frequency: DC  18GHz

Impedance: 50 ohms

Power rating: 1 watt

Connectors: `SMA' (male or female)

Environment: MILE5400, Class 1A

To designate the power divider desired use:

1: PORT 1 connector  add M for male or F for female.

2: PORT 2 connector  add M for male or F for female.

3: PORT 3 connector  add M for male or F for female. NOTE: Refer to outline drawing below for connector location & orientation

Example: DR­F­F­M is a DC to 18GHz resistive power divider w/port 1 (female), port 2 (female), port 3 (male)

Outline Drawing

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