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High Frequency Power Dividers

RLC Electronics' D10265 Series of high frequency power dividers are compact microstrip units covering the frequency range of 10 to 26.5 GHz. These units provide low VSWR at all ports and high isolation between all output ports. Phase and amplitude tracking of all outputs are excellent due to the symmetrical designs. Combinations of two way, multistep transformers in one package forms the basic building blocks in these "Wilkinson" type power dividers.



Model Number

VSWR (Max.)

Insertion Loss (Max.)

Isolation (Min.)

Amplitude Balance

Phase Balance



0.8 dB

16 dB





1.6 dB

16 dB





2.4 dB

16 dB



Power: 10 watt average  (output terminated with VSWR less than 1.35)

200 mW average (output terminated with any  VSWR and phase)

Frequency: 10 - 26.5 GHz

Connectors: SMA female

Impedance: 50 ohms

Environment: MIL-E-5400, Class 1A

To designate the power divider desired use:

(1):  -2 for 2 way,  -4 for 4 way, - 8 for 8 way

Example: D-­10265-­8 is a 10 to 26.5 GHz, 8 output power divider

Outline Drawing

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