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Standard Transfer Coaxial Switches

This RLC Electronics' Standard Transfer Switch line provides extremely high reliability, long life and excellent electrical performance, it features extremely low insertion loss and VSWR over the entire DC-12.4 GHz range while maintaining high isolation. On remote latching units a manual override option allows the user to switch manually without power applied.



Switch Type


Frequency Range

DC-12.4 GHz

DC-7.0 GHz

7.0-12.4 GHz

Insertion Loss (Max dB)



VSWR (Max)



Isolation (dB Min)



Power Rating, RF Cold Switching: See this page

Impedance: 50 Ohms/75 Ohms.*

Operating Power 25C: 

(Failsafe): 12Vdc at 600 ma nom. 28Vdc at 424 ma nom. 115 Vac at 50 ma nom.

(Latching): 12 Vdc at 350 ma nom. 28 Vdc at 310 ma nom.  115 Vac at 225 ma nom. Current applied 10 ms min. cutthroat circuitry(standard), recovery time 100 ms nom.

Connectors, RF: N, SMA, TNC, BNC* Female

Connectors, Power: Feed through solder lugs.

Life: 1,000,000 operations.

Switching Time: 20 mS Max.

Weight: 19 oz.

Environmental Conditions: MIL-DTL-3928

Operating Mode: Manual, failsafe or latching.

Switching Sequence: Break before make. 

*BNC not recommended above 1GHz 

*75 ohm up to 3 GHz. VSWR 1.50 max.

To designate the switch desired use:

1: "M" for Manual, "R" for Remote, R75 for 75 Ohms.

2: "N" (50 or 75 Ohms), "R" for SMA, "T" (50 or 75 Ohms) for TNC, or "B" (50 or 75 Ohms) for BNC or "F" type connectors

3: "A" for 115 Vac, "D" for 28 Vdc or "H" for 12 Vdc.

4: "I" for indicators if desired.

5: "L" for latching cutthroat if desired

6: "TL" for TTL Driver if desired

7: "O" for Manual Override.

Example: SR-T-N-D-I-L is a remote, Type "N", 28 Vdc; with indicators, latching cut throat switch. 50 ohms

 for 75 ohms SR75-T

Outline Drawing


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