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Standard Coaxial Switches

This RLC Electronics' Standard Size Coaxial Switch is a single pole, two position type providing extremely high reliability, long life and excellent electrical performance characteristics over the frequency range of DC-12.4 GHz. The package utilizes high density packaging techniques, hence the overall volume of the switch is less than 6 cubic inches.



Switch Type


Frequency Range

DC-12.4 GHz



7.0 - 12.4

Insertion Loss (Max dB)



VSWR (Max)



Isolation (dB Min)



Power Rating, RF Cold Switching: See this page

Impedance: 50 Ohms/75 Ohms*

Operating Power 25C

(Failsafe): 12Vdc at 575 ma nom.

 28Vdc at 200 ma nom.

 115 Vac at 76 ma nom.

(Latching): 12 Vdc at 1 amp nom.

 28 Vdc at 430 ma nom. 115 Vac at 30 ma nom. Current applied 10 ms min. cutthroat circuitry (standard),  recovery time 100 ms nom.

Connectors, RF: N, SMA, TNC, BNC, F * Female

Connectors, Power: Feed through solder lugs.

Life: 1,000,000 operations.

Switching Time: 20 mS Max.

Weight: 9 oz.

Environmental Conditions: MIL-DTL-3928

Operating Mode: Manual, failsafe or latching.

Switching Sequence: Break before make. 

 *BNC not recommended for use above 1GHz.

 *TNC not recommended for use above 12.4 GHz.

 *75 ohm up to 3 GHz VSWR 1.5 max.

To designate the switch desired use:

1: "M" for Manual, "R" for Remote, "R75" or "M75" for 75 ohms.

2: "in" for inboard mountings, if desired.

3: "B" for BNC (50 or 75 ohms), "T" for TNC(50 or 75 ohms), "N" (50 or 75 ohms) or "R" for SMA (50 ohms only), F(75 ohms) connector types.

4: "A" for 115 Vac, "D" for 28 Vdc or "H" for 12 Vdc.

5: "I" for indicators.

6: "L" for latching cutthroat.

7: "TL" for TTL Driver.

Example: SR-2-R-D-I is a remote operation, outboard mountings, SMA connectors, 28 Vdc; with indicators, failsafe operation switch 50 ohms. For 75 ohms SR75-2- - -.

Outline Drawing

SR-2-R-D-I, SM-2R

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